Texas Future Music Educator’s Brandeis High School Chapter


“One of the goals from both “TMEA 2000″ (conference of July 1998) and “2001: A Music Education Odyssey” (July 2001) was to establish an organization of music students for the purpose of exploring music education as an occupation and recruiting members into our noble profession. This webpage will contain information about both local and state TFME activities. ”   TMEA webpage

Included in the membership is the monthly magazine, The Southwest Musician, containing articles and information regarding music education and performance.  In addition, students are granted access to the TMEA Convention in downtown San Antonio in February.  Students are able to attend classes, see performances and see the numerous vendors from around the country in the exhibit hall.  Students will also be able to attend a semester meeting discussing the important information needed to successfully approach a career in the field of music.