Head Orchestra Director: Kevin Garcia-Hettinger

Our orchestra director here at Brandeis is Mr. Kevin Garcia-Hettinger, but everyone just calls him Mr. Garcia or Mr. G. Besides the fact that he graduated with honors from UT at Austin with a Bachelor’s degree in performance, served as the principal concertmaster of the UT Symphony, completed his teacher certification requirements, got married, spent nine years building a successful orchestra program at Connally Middle School, and had two kids, we all know him as so much more than the successful teacher and violinist that he definitely is. He has many interesting attempts at a great sense of humor – just kidding, he’s hilarious! – and can brighten our day with his unique smile and laugh. Every single day, he teaches us in such a way that we are always encouraged to try harder because he believes in us and knows we can do better. (In fact, he tries to have a temper but he doesn’t; he never calls anyone out or makes them feel bad). Our Mr. Garcia has turned all of us into better musicians with his broad knowledge of music and technique – and of course, his inspiring style of teaching. In other words: WE LOVE MR. GARCIA!!!    by Sara C.

Mr. G Plays Bach ChaconneBach

Assistant Director/Jazz Director: Jonathan Raveneau

Jonathan Raveneau






Jonathan Raveneau is a versatile and eclectic musician with specialties ranging from classical to jazz in both instrumental and vocal genres.  Jonathan is the lead jazz string instrumental conductor and is the lead performer in the annual Rockestra performance at Brandeis. The Brandeis String Jazz Ensemble won outstanding ensemble at the Winter Park Music Festival in 2014.  Jonathan conducts the Capriccio Orchestra for the Youth Orchestras of San Antonio and also conducts the Cavatina Orchestra for the Hill Country Youth Orchestras.

Masterclass Coaches, Sectional Coaches and Private Teachers:

Double Bass: Steve Zeserman (San Antonio Symphony)

Cello: Ignacio Galledo, John Stuart, Lynda Verner (San Antonio Symphony)

Violin: Jennifer Garcia-Hettinger, Mary Ellen Goree (San Antonio Symphony), Matthew Zerweck, Ruben Gonzalez

Viola: Marisa Bushman (San Antonio Symphony), Jennifer Garcia-Hettinger

Guest Conductors have included: Sebastian Lang-Lessing (San Antonio Symphony Conductor), Dr. Eugene Dowdy(UTSA), Troy Peters(Yosa), Terence Fraser (UIW), David McCutchan (NEISD), John Thornton (Marshall High School)

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