How to become a Music Major…

How to Become a Music Major:

There are a variety of ways one can approach becoming a music major in college.  Provided here are a few suggestions for parents and students.

1.  Be Proactive Now.  Find out all of the information you need to know.

2.  Practice a lot…now-  Many students wait until junior or even senior year to begin practicing the required music for auditions and that is simply too late.

2.  Speak candidly to your teachers (private and orchestra) about your plans in music.  Remember, they are the professionals that have gone through this process and know the most about it.

3.  Look at University and Conservatory audition and academic requirements now.  Know what you have to work on and be prepared.  Many universities require you to be accepted to the university and the music school, thus two applications usually exist.

4.  Understand that the process of becoming a music major is different and in many ways more challenging than simply filling out application forms and submitting required paperwork.   Unlike other majors, you need good grades, a good resume, AND you need a very good audition.  Performance majors need a great audition.

Some other suggestions:

  • Participate in camps.  Often, university professors teach at prestigous camps and will offer private lessons.  It is a good idea to get lessons.  The better the professor gets to know you, the more comfortable you will be in the audition room.
  • Work on required material as soon as possible.  Most of the time, some Bach is required for all instruments.  Start working on some Bach now.  It is always better to come back to something you have already worked on and perfect it rather than trying to perfect something new.
  • Understand, the more prestigous the school, the more music you will need to prepare.
  • Choose 5-7 schools junior year that you are interested in.  Choose Two dream schools, two-three schools that you feel comfortable about your chances, and two-three schools you feel very confident you could make.  Schedule a lesson with a professor of your instrument at each of these schools.  Simply call or email them.  After you have scheduled this lesson, practice until perfect.  This really isn’t a lesson.  It is an opportunity for the professor to get to know you prior to your audition.  You want him/her to be very impressed and want you at their school.

Lastly, enjoy the process.  This can be really fun or really stressful depending on your outlook.  Enjoy it.  It’s music!


Important Audition Chart



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